Heliosphere Con

Double Tree by Hilton

455 S Broadway

Tarrytown, NY 10591

Original event held on April 3-5 2020 is cancelled. We will inform everyone when we know the rescheduled dates.


Author Readings

Pinelands Library

39 Allen Ave #2493

Medford, NJ 08055

Beverly Haaf and Dina Leacock will be reading from earlier and upcoming JPI books.




Submission Guidelines for the

Mystery  Anthology 

The second part of the Whodunit anthology- as in the first part- has a non-human mindlessly provide the protagonist the “Ah-ha” moment that enables him or her to solve the crime, theft, murder, etc.

We are now looking for stories where a machine that isn't working correctly mindlessly provides the protagonist the clue to solve the mystery. In the first part, it was an animal, In the second part of Whodunit it will be a malfunctioning machine that will not thoughtfully communicate or think independently or have a point of view. It will be an accidental clue.

Consider the many common mechanical devices, electrical or otherwise that surround us and can- and so often do- go wrong in some way. Machines in the kitchen, in the house, the office, the yard, in the city, in the county and then there are vehicles and directional devices. (toasters, blenders, watches, old-typewriters, elevators, lawn machines, hedge cutters, GPS' and as many things as writers can think of).

Stories must be fiction and totally of your own creation. 


These wonky machines must be ordinary, familiar everyday machines:

1. No machines deliberately wrecked to cause or solve a crime.
2. No satanic machines that are inherently evil or made evil by magic or witchcraft or whatever other power.
3. No machines from outer space or other worlds or alien minds.

As stated earlier, stories must be fiction and totally of your own creation.


Stories MUST be a "who done it" mystery with a beginning, middle, and end with a solution.

*** Please heed these guidelines:
-Stories can be no longer than 2,000 words. Flash is acceptable.
-No graphic violence, rape scenes or abuse to children.
-Standard manuscript format ONLY.
-We do not accept multiple or simultaneous submissions. You may send another story if your first is not accepted. Reprints will be considered if you have the rights to resell the story.

*** Submit to:

SUBJECT LINE: Story Title, authors name, word count.

-All submissions must be standard manuscript format or they will be rejected immediately.
-Double space, Times New Roman 12, doc or docx only, all other formats will be rejected.

-First page information: name, address, email, (pen name will appear in the by-line)

-Headers: story title and author’s last name and page number.

-Cover letter: Please include name, pen name, address, email address, PayPal address, (payment will only be made through PayPal), If submitting a reprint, please include publication history. Please include a short bio, 85 words max.

*** Manuscripts NOT following the guidelines will be deleted & unread.

Payment after publication: $5.00 (PayPal).

Submission window March 1 to April 30 (or until filled).


CRYPT GNATS  and the newest book in the

JumpRope Chronicles,

Death Counts The Golden Coins,

will be released

April 2020

Be prepared for

Ivy C. Leigh's

newest colorful 

JumpRope mystery

and Crypt Gnats 

the exciting and frightening anthology

from writers around the world.