18- 20


Rockville Hilton & Executive Meeting Center,
1750 Rockville Pike,

Rockville, Maryland 20852


Dealer's Table, Reading, Panels, Launch Party for Crypt Gnats and Counting The Golden Coins

Watch for some thrilling news about a meet the authors event, coming on October 26th.

Announcements can be found in our September Newsletter and on this website.






Crowne Plaza Hotel,

Rt. 70

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


Dealer's Table, Reading, Panels, Launch Party for Crypt Gnats and Counting The Golden Coins



Submission Guidelines for the

Mystery  Anthology 


Jersey Pines Ink is pleased to announce our newest anthology,


Stories must be fiction and totally of your own creation. 

Stories MUST have a beginning, middle and end with a solution. The mystery story will be solved with the influence, inspiration, or assistance of a pet--Any pet

Cats, dogs, birds, snakes, monkeys, etc.: YES! 

Dragons, Unicorns, mythical or extinct creatures: NO! 

Absolutely nothing anthropomorphic 


Please heed these guidelines:

Stories can be no longer than 2,000 words. Flash is acceptable.

No graphic violence, rape scenes or abuse to children.

Standard manuscript format ONLY.

We do not accept multiple or simultaneous submissions. You may send another story if your first is not accepted. Reprints will be considered if you have the rights to resell the story.


Submit to:

SUBJECT LINE: Story Title, authors name, word count

All submissions must be standard manuscript format or they will be rejected immediately.

Double space, Times New Roman 12, doc or docx only, all other formats will be rejected.

First page information: name, address, email, (pen name will appear in the by-line)

Headers: story title and author’s last name 

Cover letter: Please include name, penname, address, email address, PayPal address, (payment will only be made through PayPal), If submitting a reprint, please include publication history. Please include a short bio, 85 words max.


Manuscripts not following the guidelines will be deleted unread.


Payment after publication: $5.00 (PayPal). 


Submission window June 30 to October 31(or until filled.) 


CRYPT GNATS  and the newest book in the

JumpRope Chronicles,

Death Counts The Golden Coins,

will be released

Summer 2019

Be prepared for

Ivy C. Leigh's

newest colorful 

JumpRope mystery

and Crypt Gnats 

the exciting and frightening anthology

from writers around the world.